This shadow report was prepared in collaboration with women’s organizations in Turkey for the evaluation of the implementation of Istanbul Convention in Turkey by GREVIO committee this year. The report was drafted by 8 and endorsed by 81 women’s and LGBTIQ organizations to outline the emerging issues related to violence against women and the defects and malpractices with regards to the implementation of the Convention. It was submitted to GREVIO Commitee on September 2017.

Besides the mapping common problems and difficulties that women experience within the institutions, the report contains the concrete suggestions for putting the convention into practice in a holistic manner. It also points out the relation between the lack of political will for prevention of VAW and gender discrimination and the problems or mistakes within preventive, protective, supportive mechanisms, data collection and dissuasively implementation of substantive law. As the main source of information is experiences of women, the report also contains the thematic chapters that focuses on the experiences of the migrant women, disabled women, LGBTIQ and children who subjected to male violence and reveals how the problems and challenges prevent them to reach supports differs because of the discrimination on the various grounds.

Download this file (turkey-ngo-shadow-report-grevio.pdf)Women’s NGOs Shadow Report