Start volunteering at Mor Çatı, participate in a volunteer workshop


Mor Çatı carries out its struggle against men's violence with its wide network of volunteers. It is necessary to participate in a workshop in order to become a Mor Çatı volunteer. In these workshops we raise awareness about male violence, and share information regarding the history of this struggle in Turkey and update legal arrangements. Furthermore we talk about feminist methods carried out in the solidarity center and the shelter. Participating in a volunteer workshop does not only provide support to Mor Çatı, but also contributes to the self-reflection of the volunteers, ourselves.


Turkish is used as our common language in most of our solidarity contacts with women survivors of male violence, volunteers, in meetings, conferences and workshops. That's why it is important to understand and speak it at a certain level. If you don't, you might volunteer for example by giving English classes to women and/or their children. Also, it’s possible to translate petitions or articles from English into your mother tongue or another language, in order to spread news or campaigns transnationally and to connect with other feminist and women networks. Anyway, contact us and we'll talk about it together!