Shelter and Consultation Centers Convention will be held in Aydın, Söke on December 17th. Women organizations, municipalities and for relevant Institution of Social Services and Child Welfare (SHÇEK) employees, all of whom are working towards the prevention of violence towards women, or who are planning to initiate a consultation centre/shelter together will be attenting for the year of this convention.

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The case of the death of Canan Akbulut who consulted Mor Çatı about a year ago because of the violence she was subjected to by her husband, was resumed on the 4th of October. The partner, Edip Akbulut, has a pending accusation of homicide.

The volunteers, who support to Mor Çatı actively, came together because of its establishment’s twentieth anniversary. More than 40 people who are members of Mor Çatı joined the meeting in İstanbul/Cezayir Restaurant. In this meeting, new volunteers found an opportunity to get acquainted with volunteers who have supported this foundation since the first day, and shared their experiences with each others, what can be done because all volunteers join actions more actively and strengthen sharing information were talked .

Shelter caseworkers from various cities met in the workshop and the conference held by Mor Çatı in order to fight more actively against men's violence. Prof. Songül Sallan Gül delivered the opening speech in the conference and emphasized the negative effects of time limitations in the shelters and reconciliation of the spouses.

Mor Çatı continues its sharings with the journal that it has published for the first time in July 2010. The first issue includes a detailed summary of the panel with the title “We Revolt Against Women Murders” held on June 26th, workshop studies, a common day in solidarity center, moments from the life in the shelter and an interview with the media artist Marisa Maza.