Istanbul Women Collective, arranged a protest that include lots of women in Taksim due to International end of the day violence against women on 25 November. They met behind “it’s not coincidence, obviously men’s violence” banners. Women carried banners that were about women victims with purple flags.

Mor Çatı received a big meeting in its 20th years. Lots of people, have sensitivity about prevention of violence against women and child, came together for bring a new shelter for Mor Çatı. Friends of Mor Çatı, artists’ costumes and painting got attention at the auction that happened in Otto. In this auction, approximately 100 thousand Liras gains were obtained.

The Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies is organizing some events for 9th of November in 12 countries including Turkey, under the global campaign "One Day One Struggle". In Istanbul there will be a panel named “Our sexuality, body and struggling with the violence” with the participation of women rights and LGBTT activists. The panel will be held at Cezayir Apartmanı, Galasataray on 19.30

Arrangements of activities are going on in varied cities due to day of struggling against women violence on 25 November. According to Bianet’s news, men killed 23 women on October. Moreover in news of Dogan News Agency, according to information that taken from Security General Directorate and gendarmerie headquarters, 226 women were killed in first seven months of 2010.

President Wullf(president of Germany)’s wife, Bettina Wullf, visited Mor Çatı and got the information about violence against women and struggle of refuges. In this meeting, on October 21,she indicated that she wants to work about this subject and she can collaborate with Mor Çatı. 

Istanbul Feminist Collective and “We are not men” Initiative, protested against “Gölgede Muhabbet” which is programme of Ali Poyrazoğlu. Because they converted a rape scene that is in “Fatmagül’ün Suçu ne? “ to a comic situation.