MorÇatı has warned the authorities when the law was being discussed at the Parliament. Mor Çatı asked the President to partially veto the law. With the law which is passed overnight, men who are sentenced for committing crimes against women like intentional injury, insult, threatening can be released. Moreover as postponement of sentence has become applicable for these crimes, men who use violance against women will not be sent to jailat the first place.

Mor Çatı is going to hold a workshop on 26th and 27th of January in Cibali Hall at Kadir Has University. In the workshop, Violence Prevention and Monitoring Centers (ŞÖNİM-KOZA) which have been recently opened, the regulations and implementations will be discussed. The representatives of the women’s organizations from various regions in Turkey will share their observations about the change. New regulations will be assessed within legal framework and social politics point of view. 

Since the day of its accession, Justice and Development Party (JDP) government has been propagating itself with the slogan "zero tolerance against violence" and signed last year the “Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence” also known as “Istanbul Convention”; nevertheless, contradictorily, the government has been insistently continuing with producing and practicing policies that condensing gender inequalities. Every day, women are being confronted with the consequences of sexist policies of the government concretized with such occasions when the former “Ministry for Women” was redefined as “Ministry for Family”, sufficient budgets were not reserved for combating male violence against women, no political will was put forth so far in struggling against violence and especially when there was a government interference against the rights of women on cesarean delivery and abortion. 

We attended the 11th Feminist Night Walk this year on March 8. From Galatasaray Square to Taksim, we walked crying out our slogans for women solidarity. Before the night walk, we have sent many faxes to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Dictorate General of Women’s Status (KSGM) and the Prime Ministry, drawing the attention to the policies supporting male dominance which surpass the 8th of March celebrations.

A women was exposed rape and violence by 8 people 4 years ago. She is trying legal struggle to prove rape. Women organizations and also Mor Çatı is attending the trials and keep going to distrupt to cover up rape.

Women in many cities around Turkey will be on the streets on May 11th and 12th, waiting for the ruling from Ayşe Paşalı's court case.