We have we gathered for the 15th time on 12-13-14th of November in Özdere (Izmir) as women and women’s organizations that struggle with violence against women, carry out activities for providing victims with shelters and solidarity centres so that they can build up a new life without violence.

By the declaration that another person will not be allowed to enter trial room in which the third trial will be conducted tomorrow at 10.30 a.m in the 18th Civil Court of General Jurisdiction, Canan Arın is forced to be left alone and unlawfulness maintains.

The lawsuit in which lawyer Canan Arın, who is one of Mor Çatı’s founders and has been fighting with violence against women for a very long time, has led a great reaction around the world. Apart from 42 women’s organisations in Turkey, 85 women’s organizations in 31 countries such as Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Pakistan, Nigeria, Senegal, America, England, and Zimbabwe have supported the struggle against early marriages in Turkey. 

Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation held a workshop with the members of the Supreme Court in accordance with “Women’s Collaboration For Gender Justice Project” which Mor Çatı has conducted with Human Rights Law Research Center of İstanbul Bilgi University. The meeting which was held on 29th of March, 2013 in Ankara was entitled “National and International Legal Practices for the Struggle with Violence and Discrimination Against Women”. The members of the Supreme Court and a women’s organization gathered around the same table (probably the first time in history) and shared the experiences about cases of violence against women.

Since 1998, Women’s organizations which have been struggling against violence all around Turkey have been sharing their knowledge and experiences under the roof of Women’s Assembly in different cities every year. Three different videos and banners were prepared for supporting Mor Çatı which has been combating to raise awareness about the struggle with violence against women and deal with the problems about the laws and international conventions and implemention of them.

Nearly 40 women’s organizations including Mor Çatı and LGBT organizations announced a press release on 21th of March, 2013, reacting to an incident that 6 men attempted to rape a woman in Taksim and another person who was trying to protect her was assaulted.