Vienna, 23rd April 2018

We, the undersigned 1166 NGOs from 42 Member states of the Council of Europe1, are writing to express our shock and concern at the challenge made to the universal recognition of discrimination and inequality as the causes and consequences of violence against women and girls and its inclusion in the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention). This challenge was made in a letter sent to you recently by 333 NGOs in 9 Member states of the Council of Europe.

We believe that the recommendations in this letter directly undermine the prevention and protection of women and girls from all forms of violence.

WAVE has been working in the field of combating violence against women and girls and implementing women’s human rights since 1994, and we are deeply committed to universal principles of gender equality and women’s human rights. We strongly affirm our full support for the Istanbul Convention as well as its monitoring Committee GREVIO and we totally reject any call to subject the core provisions of the Convention to reservations.

We recognize the Istanbul Convention as the most comprehensive regional and international tool combating gender based violence against women and domestic violence. We strongly believe that ratification and the full implementation of the Istanbul Convention will significantly reduce women’s vulnerability to violence and facilitate a more equal and fairer society for everyone.

We do this in solidarity with other organisations, including the European Women’s Lobby, who have also expressed concern at the above-mentioned letter.

Yours sincerely,
Stephanie Futter-Orel,
Executive Manager of the European Network Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE),

(1) 27 of these countries have ratified the Istanbul Convention and 13 have signed it. Several NGOs in Belarus and Kosovo have also signed this letter.

with the support of the WAVE board and the following organisations:

  1. !Via Beratung und Treff für Mädchen und Frauen, Germany
  3. 17+ Alevi Kadınlar (17+ Alevi Women), Turkey
  4. 360 Association, Switzerland
  5. A.GE.D.O. – Bologna, Italy
  6. A.GE.D.O. – Ragusa, Italy
  7. A.L.E.G., Romania
  8. A.O. Femeia pentru Viitor (Ungheni), Moldova
  9. A.O. Onoare și Drepturile Femeii Contemporane (Bălți), Moldova
  10.  Accueil Femmes Solidarité, France
  11. ACORUS, Czech Republic
  12. Action Aid Italia – Roma, Italy
  13. ADALEA, France
  14. ADAVAS-León, Spain
  15. Aditus, Malta
  16. Agir contre les violences faites aux femmes (ACV2F), France
  17. Agnodice Foundation, Switzerland
  18. Agritra-Vision Center, Albania
  19. Agro-ecological certification of Kyiv region, Ukraine
  20. AIDM – Associazione Italiana Donne Medico – Roma, Brescia, Italy
  21. AIDOS - Associazione Italiana Donne per lo Sviluppo, ONLUS, Italy
  22. AIED – Roma, Italy
  23. AIEM, France, France
  24.  Akcja-Obejmiemy Polskę Kręgiem Kobiet, Poland
  25.  AKDAM - Adana Kadın Danışma Merkezi ve Sığınma Evi Korunma Derneği (Adana Women’s Counseling Center and Shelter Association), Turkey
  26. AKTO - Direitos Humanos e Democracia, Portugal
  27. Alefpa Martinique Rosannie Soleil, France
  28. Aliancia žien - Cesta späť (Alliance of Women - Way Back), Slovakia
  29. Aliancia žien (Alliance of Women), Slovakia
  30. Alice Cooperativa sociale onlus - Percorsi di Libertà-Prato, Italy
  31. All for family, Romania
  32. All Ukrainian Public Organization “Democratic Action”, Ukraine
  33. AMCV - Associação de Mulheres Contra a Violência, Portugal
  34.  AMILIPS- Asociación de Mujeres Integradoras para Lograr la Igualdad Psicosocial, Spain
  35. Amnesty International Magyarország / Hungary, Hungary
  36. Anafatma Kadın Danışma Derneği (Ana Fatma Women’s Counseling Assosication), Turkey
  37. ANAIS, Romania
  38. Angus Women’s Aid, Scotland, UK
  39. Antalya Kadın Danışma ve Dayanışma Merkezi (Antalya Women’s Counselling and Solidarity Center), Turkey
  40. Anti-Violence Network of Georgia, Georgia
  41. AOI – Associazione ONG Italiane -Roma, Italy
  42. APAFED, France
  43. APAV - Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima, Portugal
  44. APEM - Associação Portuguesa de Estudos sobre as Mulheres, Portugal
  45. APERIO – společnost pro zdravé rodičovství, Czech Republic
  46. APIAF, France
  47. APMJ - Associação Portuguesa de Mulheres Juristas, Portugal
  48.  Apriori, Moldova
  49. Arbeitskreis Emanzipation und Partnerschaft, Austria
  50. Archinaute Genova, Italy
  51. ARCI nazionale –Roma, Italy
  52. ARELIA, France
  53. Argyll and Bute Women’s Aid, Scotland, UK
  54. ARIADNE Frauen für Frauen, Germany
  55. Armonie - Bologna, Italy
  56. Artemida NGO, Moldova
  57. ASADE, Spain
  58. Asile LGBT Genève, Switzerland
  59. Asociación Andrea, Spain
  60. Asociación Clásicas y Modernas para la igualdad de género en la cultura, Spain
  61. Asociación de Investigación y Especialización sobre Temas Iberoamericanos -AIETI-, Spain
  63. Asociación de Mujeres Marcela Lagarde, Spain
  64. Asociación de Mujeres Valdés Siglo XXI, Spain
  65. Asociación Feminista Leonesa “Flora Tristán”, Spain
  66. Asociación Feminista Tiemar, Spain
  67. Asociación Gitanas Feministas por la Diversidad, Spain
  68. Asociación Lunes Lilas, Spain
  69. Asociación Terapia y Género, Spain
  70. Asociația Femeilor Antreprenoare din Moldova-AFAM, Moldova
  71. Asociația Împotriva Violenței în Familie- Casa Mărioarei, Moldova
  72. Asociația Psihologilor Tighina, Moldova
  73. ASPEKT, Slovakia
  74. Associação de Mulheres Sem Fronteira, Portugal
  75. Associação Dignidade, Portugal
  76. Associação Fernão Mendes Pinto - AFMP, Portugal
  77. Associação ILGA PORTUGAL, Portugal
  78. Associação Mulheres Século XXI, Portugal
  79. Associação Plano I, Portugal
  80. Associação Portuguesa pelos Direitos na Gravidez e no Parto, Portugal
  81. Associação Projecto CRIAR, Portugal
  82. Associação Quebrar o Silêncio, Portugal
  83. Associação Ser Mulher, Portugal
  84. Associació de Planificació Familiar de Catalunya i Balears, Spain
  85. Associació Dones Eucadores de les Illes Balears, Spain
  86. ASSOCIACIÓ HÈLIA, de suport a les dones que patexien violència de gènere, Spain
  87. Association Centre Dinamika, Bulgaria
  88. Association découvrir, Switzerland
  89. Association des foyers de l'oiseau bleu CHRS l'Eau vive, France
  90. Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women, Macedonia
  91. Association for Equal Opportunities “Semper” - Bitola, Macedonia
  92. Association for Legal Intervention (Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej – SIP), Poland
  93. Association for Local Rural Development – Kamenjane, Macedonia
  94. Association for promoting gender equality “Akcija Zdruzenska”, Macedonia
  95. Association for Promotion of the Status of Women in Macedonia "Women's Action" – Radovish, Macedonia
  96. Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family, Cyprus
  97. Association Louise Michel, France
  98. Association of Albanian Women – Kichevo, Macedonia
  99. Association of Citizens "Sirma" – Kumanovo, Macedonia
  100. Association of Citizens "SUMNAL", Macedonia
  101. Association of Citizens “Florence Nightingale” – Kumanovo, Macedonia
  102. Association of Hungarian Sex Workers (Szexmunkások Érdekvédelmi Egyesülete – SZEXE), Hungary
  103. Association of Social Workers of the City of Skopje, Macedonia
  104. Association of Women "Femina" Smederevska Palanka, Serbia
  105. Association Skalbes, Latvia
  106. Association SOS Helpline for Women and Children, Slovenia
  107. Association Viol-Secours, Switzerland
  108. Associazione “donne insieme“– Napoli, Italy
  109. Associazione Adesso Donne 3.0.-Bergamo, Italy
  110. Associazione Aiuto Donna Uscire dalla Violenza-Bergamo, Italy
  111. Associazione Al tuo fianco onlus-Messina, Italy
  112. Associazione Alzaia onlus-Taranto, Italy
  113. Associazione Amica Donna onlus-Chianciano Terme (SI), Italy
  114. Associazione Ananke onlus- Pescara, Italy
  115. Associazione Arcidonna Napoli onlus-Napoli, Italy
  116. Associazione Artemisia onlus-Firenze, Italy
  117. Associazione Attivamente Coinvolte-Tropea, Italy
  118. Associazione Belluno - Donna onlus-Belluno, Italy
  119. Associazione Casa della Donna-Pisa, Italy
  120. Associazione Casa delle donne contro la violenza onlus-Modena, Italy
  121. Associazione Casa delle donne Maltrattate onlus-Milano, Italy
  122. Associazione Casa delle Donne onlus-Viareggio (Lucca), Italy
  123. Associazione Centro antiviolenza di Parma -Parma, Italy
  124. Associazione Centro Donna Giustizia-Ferrara, Italy
  125. Associazione Centro Donna Lilith-Latina, Italy
  126. Associazione Culturale Mara Meoni - Siena, Italy
  127. Associazione culturale Rinoceronte Incatenato – Fiano Romano (RM), Italy
  128. Associazione Da Donna a Donna – Sesto S. Giovanni, Italy
  129. Associazione Da donna a DONNA onlus-Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia), Italy
  130. Associazione Demetra -Donne in aiuto-Lugo, Italy
  131. Associazione di donne Galassia – Lombardo Corsico (MI), Italy
  132. Associazione di Promozione Sociale contro la violenza sulle donneme.dea onlus-Alessandria, Italy
  133. Associazione Differenza Donna ong- Roma, Italy
  134. Associazione Donatella Tellini -L'Aquila, Italy
  135. Associazione Donna chiama Donna onlus-Siena, Italy
  136. Associazione donne contro la violenza Onlus-Crema, Italy
  137. Associazione Donne e giustizia onlus-Ancona, Italy
  138. Associazione Donne in Genere ONLUS - Centro donna L.I.S.A.-Roma, Italy
  139. Associazione Donne Insieme Val d'Elsa onlus-Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena), Italy
  140. Associazione DonneInsieme "Sandra Crescimanno"-Enna, Italy
  141. Associazione Erinna - donne contro la violenza onlus-Viterbo, Italy
  142. Associazione -Frida -Pisa, Italy
  143. Associazione G.O.A.P. - Gruppo Operatrici Antiviolenza Progetti-Trieste, Italy
  144. Associazione GEA - per la solidarietà femminile contro la violenza-Bolzano, Italy
  145. Associazione Incontro Donne Antiviolenza - AIDA onlus-Cremona, Italy
  146. Associazione Io Donna-Brindisi, Italy
  147. Associazione L’albero di Antonia-Orvieto, Italy
  148. Associazione La città delle Donne - Telefono Rosa Piacenza-Piacenza, Italy
  149. Associazione L'altra Metà del Cielo - Telefono Donna-Merate (Lecco), Italy
  150. Associazione Le Onde onlus-Palermo, Italy
  151. Associazione Libera…Mente Donna ETS-Terni, Italy
  152. Associazione Linea Rosa onlus-Ravenna, Italy
  153. Associazione Luna onlus-Lucca, Italy
  154. Associazione Olympia De Gouges onlus-Grosseto, Italy
  155. Associazione Onda Rosa onlus-Nuoro, Italy
  156. Associazione onlus Casa delle donne CaD-Brescia, Italy
  157. Associazione per un Archivio dei Movimenti - Genova, Italy
  158. Associazione Pronto Donna onlus-Arezzo, Italy
  159. Associazione Prospettiva Donna onlus-Olbia, Italy
  160. Associazione Risorse Donna onlus- Atina (FR), Italy
  161. Associazione Rompi il silenzio ONLUS-Rimini, Italy
  162. Associazione Safiya onlus-Bari, Italy
  163. Associazione SOS Donna onlus Centro contro la violenza alle donne-Faenza (Ravenna), Italy
  164. Associazione SOS ROSA onlus-Gorizia, Italy
  165. Associazione Sostegno Donna Onlus-Frascati (Roma), Italy
  166. Associazione Spazio Donna onlus-Caserta, Italy
  167. Associazione Svolta Donna Onlus-Pinerolo (TO), Italy
  168. Associazione Telefono Donna Como -Como, Italy
  169. Associazione Telefono Donna onlus- Potenza, Italy
  170. Associazione Thamaia onlus-Catania, Italy
  171. Associazione Toponomastica femminile, Italy
  172. Associazione Trama di Terre Bologna-Imola, Italy
  173. Associazione Voce Donna onlus-Pordenone, Italy
  174. Associazione L'Orsa Minore onlus -Lodi, Italy
  175. AURA Nürnberg Selbststärken-Selbstbehaupten-Selbstverteidugung, Germany
  176. Auser provinciale – Viterbo, Italy
  177. Autonome Frauenberatungsstelle, Germany
  178. Autonomous Women’s Centre, Serbia
  179. Autonomy foundation, Cracow, Poland
  180. Avrupa Birliği ve İnsan Hakları Platformu'ndan Kadınlar (Women from European Union and Human Rights Platform), Turkey
  181. Avrupa Kadın Lobisi Türkiye Koordinasyonu ( Turkey Coordination for European Women's Lobby), Turkey
  182. AWEN, Albania
  183. AWSP (Association Women with Social Problems), Albania
  184. Aсоциация НАЯ/Association NAIA, Bulgaria
  185. B.a.B.e. Be active. Be emancipated., Croatia
  186. Bad Honnef Frauenzentrum Frauen für Frauen, Germany
  187. Bağlar Kadına Yönelik Şiddetle Mücadele, İletişim, Çevre, Kültür ve İşletme Kooperatifi (Bağlar Communication, Environment, Culture and Management Cooperaive for Struggle Against Violence), Turkey
  188. Başkent Kadın Platformu Derneği (Başkent Women’s Platform Association), Turkey
  189. BASTA Mädchen- und Frauenberatungszentrum, Germany
  190. Be Free - Roma, Italy
  191. Beden Olumlama Hareketi (Body Positive Movement), Turkey
  192. Beratung und Information für Frauen und Interventionsstelle, Germany
  193. Beratung und Prävention bei sexueller Gewalt, Germany
  194. Beratungsladen für Frauen, Germany
  195. Beratungsstelle des städt. Frauenhauses, Germany
  196. Beratungsstelle des Vereins Frauen helfen Frauen, Germany
  197. Beratungsstelle Frauen helfen Frauen, Germany
  198. Beratungsstelle Frauenhaus Trier, Germany
  199. Beratungsstelle Frauennotruf, Germany
  200. Beratungsstelle für Frauen in Gewalt- und Krisensituationen, Germany
  201. Beratungsstelle für Frauen und Mädchen - Frauen helfen Frauen e. V. Jülich, Germany
  202. Beratungsstelle für Frauen und Mädchen Familien- und Sozialberatung, Germany
  203. Beratungsstelle für von Gewalt betroffene Frauen und proaktive Beratung, Germany
  204. Beratungsstelle gegen sexualisierte Gewalt, Germany
  205. Beratungsstelle gegen sexuelle Gewalt, Germany
  206. Beratungsstelle Leipzig, Germany
  207. Beratungsstelle Schattenlicht, Germany
  208. Beratungsstelle, Germany
  209. Berlinski Kongres Kobiet, Poland
  210. Bexley Women’s Aid, England, UK
  211. Biedrība “Dzīvnieku brīvība”, Latvia
  212. Biedrība “Papardes zieds”, Latvia
  213. Biedrība Lauku sieviešu klubs „Dore”, Latvia
  214. Biedrība Preiļu sieviešu klubs, Latvia
  215. biff Lübeck, Germany
  216. BIG Koordinierung - Berliner Interventionsprojekt gegen häusliche Gewalt, Germany
  217. Bodrum Kadın Dayanışma Derneği (Bodrum Women’s Solidarity Association), Turkey
  218. Bori se zenski, Macedonia
  219. Bradford Women’s Aid, England, UK
  220. Bureau of gender strategies and budgeting, Ukraine
  221. Bureau of Social and Political Developments, Ukraine
  222. CA.DO.M - Centro di aiuto alle donne maltrattate-Monza e Brianza, Italy
  223. Çağdaş Kadın ve Gençlik Vakfı (Modern Women And Youth Foundation), Turkey
  224. Calala Fondo de Mujeres, Spain
  225. Cam – Cremona, Italy
  226. Campaign against sexism “Povaha” (Respect), Ukraine
  227. Caritasverband Wiesbaden-Rheingau-Taunus e.V., Germany
  228. Casa delle donne Lucha y Siesta, Italy
  229. Casa delle donne per non subire violenza onlus-Bologna, Italy
  230. Casa Internazionale delle Donne -Roma, Italy
  231. Casa Marioarei (Association Against Violence), Moldova
  232. Casa QUI - Associação de Solidariedade, Portugal
  233. CATS2CATS, Czech Republic
  234. CCAS Foyer Elisabeth Bouissonnade, France
  235. CEDAV onlus Centro donne antiviolenza -Messina, Italy
  236. CEİD - Cinsiyet Eşitliği İzleme Derneği (Association for Monitoring Gender Equality), Turkey
  237. Centar za ženske studije pri Filozofskom fakultetu u Rijeci, Croatia
  238. Center for Civil Liberties, Ukraine
  239. Center for Roma Initiatives, Montenegro
  240. Center for Support to Women Kikinda, Serbia
  241. Center for Women's Rights Vršac, Serbia
  242. Center of international security and strategic studies, Ukraine
  243. Centre Flora Tristan, France
  244. Centre for Social and Gender Research "New Life", Ukraine
  245. Centre for Women’s Studies Zagreb, Croatia
  246. Centre of social assistance and support to at-risk groups - Incentive to success, Belarus
  247. Centri Antiviolenza- Casa Donne, Italy
  248. Centro Anti Violenza Vivere Donna onlus-Carpi, Italy
  249. Centro Antiviolenza Trento - Associazione Coordinamento Donne Onlus-Trento, Italy
  250. Centro contro la violenza alle donne Roberta Lanzino- Cosenza, Italy
  251. Centro de Estudios e Investigación sobre Mujeres (CEIM), Spain
  252. Centro Donne – coop. Soc. – Mantova, Italy
  253. Centro donne contro la violenza - Aosta, Italy
  254. Centro per non subire violenza onlus (da UDI)-Genova, Italy
  255. Centro Studi Difesa Civile - Roma, Italy
  256. Centro studi femministi Rosa Luxemburg – Modena, Italy
  257. Centro Veneto Progetti Donna – Auser-Padova, Italy
  258. Centrul ”Parteneriat pentru Dezvoltare”, Moldova
  259. Centrul de Asistență Juridică pentru Persoane cu Dizabilități, Moldova
  260. Centrul de Asistenta si Protectie a Victimelor si Potentialelor Victime ale Traficului de Fiinte Umane, Romania
  261. Centrul de Mediere şi Securitate Comunitară – CMSC, Iasi, Romania
  262. Centrul de Reabilitare a Victimelor Torturii ”Memoria”, Moldova
  263. Centrul de Resurse pentru Drepturile Omului, Moldova
  264. Centrul de Resurse pentru Tineret DACIA, Moldova
  265. Centrul Filia, Romania
  266. Centrul International “La Strada”, Moldova
  267. Centrul national de prevenire a abuzului față de copii (CNPAC), Moldova
  268. Cerchi d'Acqua Cooperativa Sociale contro la violenza alle donne onlus-Milano, Italy
  269. Cerchio Degli Uomini – Roma, Italy
  270. CESI – Centar za edukaciju, savjetovanje i istraživanje, Croatia
  271. Česká ženská lobby / Czech Women’s Lobby, Czech Republic
  272. CESVI, CISP, COOPI, COSV, GVC, ICU, INTERSOS, LVIA, Medici con l’Africa CUAMM, CCM, ELIS, Worlds Friends, CIAI, Italy
  273. CFD Feminist Peace Organisation, Switzerland
  274. CGI – Centar za građanske inicijative Poreč, Croatia
  275. CGIL nazionale – Roma, Italy
  276. Charity and Health Foundation, Ukraine
  277. Charity Fund «Future of the children is our common goal» (CF FCCG), Ukraine
  278. Charity, Moldova
  279. Child Rights Network Switzerland
  280. Choice of Young, Moldova
  281. CINI – Coordinamento italiano NGOs internazionali - Roma, Italy
  282. Cinsel Şiddetle Mücadele Derneği (Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence), Turkey
  283. Circolo Acli - Itaca Corsico, Italy
  284. Circolo Donne Sibilla Aleramo di Cesano Boscone, Italy
  285. CISS/Cooperazione Internazionale Sud-Sud - Roma, Italy
  286. Citizen, Democracy and Accountability, Slovakia
  287. Civic Union «Innovation Aarhus’ Network Territorial Communities of Ukraine and Kiev city», Ukraine
  288. Clubul Politic al Femeilor 50/50, Moldova
  289. Clydebank Women’s Aid, Scotland, UK
  290. CMS – Centar za mirovne studije, Croatia
  291. CNCD-11.11.11 asbl, Belgium
  292. Co.Li.Do. Lat- Coordinamento Ligure di Dinne Latinoamericane – Genova, Italy
  293. Coalition 'Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities', Macedonia
  294. Cogede Liguria - Genova, Italy
  295. Colectivo Feminista Plaza, Spain
  296. Colectivo Hetaira, Spain
  297. collectif Appel d'Elles, Switzerland
  298. Collectif contre les Violences Familiales et l’Exclusion, Belgium
  299. Collettiva AutonoMIA – Reggio Calabria, Italy
  300. Comitato Donne per il Lago Bolsena/Capodimonte – VT, Italy
  301. Comitato LiguriaColorata Pride - Genova, Italy
  302. Comitato per la protezione e promozione dei diritti umani-Roma, Italy
  303. Comitato Possibile "Full Monty"- Genova, Italy
  304. Comité international Péruvien, Belgium
  305. Commission des femmes de l’USS, Switzerland
  306. Commission fédérative des femmes du SSP/VPOD, Switzerland
  307. Community media hub, Ukraine
  308. Competence Center for Mental Health Advancement NPO, Estonia
  309. Conseil des Femmes Francophones de Belgique, Belgium
  310. Consejo de las Mujeres del Municipio de Madrid, Spain
  311. CONTROcanto – Pisa, Italy
  312. CooLabora, Crl, Portugal
  313. Cooperativa Onlus LiberaMente - Percorsi di donne contro la violenza-Pavia, Italy
  314. Cooperativa Promozione Sociale e Solidarietà di Trani-Trani, Italy
  315. Cooperativa SEIS - Sociedade de estudos e Intervenção em Engenharia Social, Crl, Portugal
  316. Cooperativa Sociale E.V.A-Caserta, Italy
  317. Cooperativa Sociale ISIDE -Mestre, Italy
  318. Coordinamento Laicità Scuola Salute – Roma, Italy
  319. Coordinamento Lesbiche Romane – Roma, Italy
  320. Coordinamento Pari Opportunità e Politiche di Genere UIL - Milano, Italy
  321. Cora - Roma, Italy
  322. Counseling Line for Men and Boys, Albania
  323. Counseling Line for Women and Girls, Albania
  324. CPE - Centrul Parteneriat pentru Egalitate, Romania
  325. Creación Positiva, Spain
  326. Crisis Center "Hope" - Skopje, Macedonia
  327. Crnogorski Ženski Lobi (Montenegrin Women's Lobby), Montenegro
  328. CTM - Centro Trattamento Uomini Maltrattanti di Forlì, Italy
  329. CUG Regione Puglia, Italy
  330. Cultural-Humanitarian Fund "Sukhumi" (კულტურულ ჰუმანიტარული ფონდი„სოხუმი“), Georgia
  331. CVEK, Slovakia
  332. Czech Helsinki Committee, Czech Republic
  333. Czech Women's Lobby, Prague, Czech Republic
  334. Dachverband der autonomen Frauenberatungsstellen NRW, Germany
  335. Danish Womens Society Shelter in Denmark
  336. DAO Dachorganisation der Frauenhäuser Schweiz und Liechtenstein, Switzerland & Liechtenstein
  337. Dar Qalb ta Gesu, Malta
  338. Das Frauenhaus Tirol, Austria
  339. Demir Leblebi Kadın Derneği (Demir Leblebi Women’s Association), Turkey
  340. Department of Health and Welfare, Violence Victims and Policy Coordination - Province of Antwerp
  341. Die Frauenberatungsstelle im Cafe F. - F. e. V., Germany
  342. Die Neu-Ulmer AWO Ortsverein e. V., Germany
  343. DİKAD - Diyarbakır İş Kadınları Derneği (Diyarbakır Business Women’s Association), Turkey
  344. DiRe – Donne in Rete contro la violenza – Roma
  345. Diritti d’Autore – Roma, Italy
  346. Disability Info, Armenia
  347. DİSK/Birleşik Metal-İş Sendikası Kadın Komisyonu (DİSK/United Metalworkers Union Women’s Commission), Turkey
  348. Diyarbakır Barosu Kadın Hakları Danışma ve Uygulama Merkez (Bar of Diyarbakır Women’s Rights Counseling and Implementation Center), Turkey
  349. Doetank PEER, Netherlands
  350. Dom Duga Zagreb, Croatia
  351. Dom Duga Zagreb, Croatia
  352. Domestic Violence Intervention Center Vienna, Austria
  353. Donbass Interregional Center for Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled, Ukraine
  354. Dones de Xirivella en Acció, Spain
  355. Donna Clara - Beratungsstelle für Frauen und Mädchen in Gewaltsituationen, Germany
  356. Donne & Futuro - libera associazione per le donne d'oggi onlus-Torino, Italy
  357. Donne Architetto Ada -Napoli, Italy
  358. Donne contro la violenza - Frauen gegen Gewalt onlus-Merano (BZ), Italy
  359. Donne di Carta – Siena, Italy
  360. Donne in rete per la Rivoluzione gentile –Roma, Italy
  361. Donne insieme contro la violenza onlus-Milano, Italy
  362. Donne La Rosa - Città della Pieve, Italy
  363. Donne per Bergamo/Bergamo per le donne – Bergamo, Italy
  364. DonneinQuota - Milano, Italy
  365. Dornrose, Germany
  366. Dorota Seweryn Stawarz, Poland
  367. Društvo za nenasilno komunikacijo (DNK), Slovenia
  368. Du côté des femmes, France
  369. Duart plot meshirë, Kosovo
  370. Dumbarton District Women’s Aid, Scotland, UK
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