Politics of Women’s Shelters, Solidarity Centers and Solidarity against Male Violence throughout 2010s: Sharing Experiences from Turkey and Europe

Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation, is organizing a conference entitled “Politics of Women’s Shelters, Solidarity Centers and Solidarity against Male Violence throughout 2010s: Sharing Experiences from Turkey and Europe”, on the 26th and 27th of February at Kadir Has University Cibali Campus, Block D, Convention Hall. The purpose of the conference is to share international experience in the subject of violence against women and to strengthen the communication among the women’s organizations that are active in the field.

The Conference focuses on the sharing of good practices of women’s shelters and solidarity centers from Turkey and Europe, as the most significant means for combating violence against women. As an outcome of the Conference, it is targeted to bring suggestions for solidarity center and women’s shelter policies in Turkey, through the guidance of the good practices to be shared. 

The Conference will be hosting panelists from women’s organizations and networks with long years of experience in combating violence against women and the problems encountered by women in their struggle to establish new lives without violence as well as the mechanisms to support women will be the main topics of discussion. We are also hoping that such discussions will open up a new perspective against the recent public policies, which have been changing to women’s disadvantage. 

We hereby invite you for your esteemed participation in this Conference to discuss the policies required for empowering women to establish new lives without violence, the practical potentials of women’s solidarity and the ways to empower local and international networks of women’s solidarity.

Participants are kindly required to fill in the online registration form, which can be accessed by following this link: http://goo.gl/forms/0NLy10Uzmf

For more detailed information about the Conference, you may either call Mor Çatı’s office by phone on the weekdays between 10.30 and 16.30, from line number +90 (212) 292 52 31 or +90 (212) 292 52 32 or send an e-mail to morcati@morcati.org.tr.

Dates: 26-27 February 2016
Location: Kadir Has University Cibali Campus, Block D, Convention Hall
Kadir Has Caddesi, Cibali-İstanbul 
http://www.khas.edu.tr/en/125/details-about-transportation )


26th of February 2016, Friday

9.00-9.40 Registration

9.40-10.00 Opening Speeches

10.00-11.20 PANEL I: The increasing importance of solidarity and intervention centers: Models from Europe and Turkey


  • Tamar Çıtak, “Domestic violence: Intervention- cooperation- coordination”- Wiener Interventionsstelle Gegen Gewalt in der Familie,  Austria
  • Neşe Hacısalihoğlu, “Domestic Violence Emergency Hotline Experience in Turkey”-Turkey

11.20-11.40 Coffee Break

11.40-13.30 PANEL II: In the light of the fifty years of history of women’s shelters, thinking together the shelter experiences in Turkey and in Europe


  • Britta Schlichting , “The German autonomous women shelters: Concept and characteristics”,  ZIF-Zentrale Informationsstelle der Autonomen Frauenhäuser, Germany
  • Berna Ekal , “Between family and state: What can we learn from an ethnographic study on municipality shelters in Turkey?”- Mor Çatı / İstanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

13.30-14.45 Lunch Break

14.45-17.00 PANEL III: Rebuilding lives away from violence: Challenges & Supportive Mechanisms


  • Feride Güneri, “Overcoming psychological barriers that interfere with healthy relationships”-Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation, Turkey
  • Burcu Yakut Çakar, “Is There a Life Without Violence for Women? Constraints, Challenges and Opportunities in the Intersection of Family, State and Market”- Boğaziçi University, Turkey
  • Hilary Abrahams, “Rebuilding Lives: Working Together”- England  


27th of February 2016, Saturday

10.00-12.00 PANEL IV: Mechanisms supporting shelters and solidarity centers: Other means for combating violence against women 


  • Carol Hagemann-White, “Shelters, specialised support services and multi-agency cooperation: How can they protect women from violence? Lessons from comparing different approaches in Europe”- Germany
  • Zozan İnci, Roks- Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer i Sverige, Sweeden
  • Açelya Uçan & Perihan Meşeli, “Structural and functional problems of the means for combating male violence in Turkey”- Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation, Turkey
  • Hülya Gülbahar, Eşitlik İzleme Kadın Grubu (EŞİTİZ), Turkey

12.00-13.30 Lunch Break

13.30-15.30 PANEL V:  International law and women’s politics on law - İstanbul Convention and CEDAW


  • Albena Koycheva, "Implementation of the International Standards on VAW in every single case - from good standards to good results"- Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Bulgaria
  • Biljana Brankovic, Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO)
  • Enikő Pap, “(In)action in light of international norms: legal and policy responses to violence against women in Hungary”-NANE Women's Rights Association/ Hungarian Women's Lobby, Hungary
  • Karolina Więckiewicz, " International obligations on reproductive rights and violence against women and their implementation in Poland" - Federation for Women and Family Planning, Poland

15.30-15.45 Coffee Break 

15.45-17.30 PANEL VI: Establishing efficient networks, empowering each other and our prospects for an international feminist struggle against violence against women


  • Albena Koycheva, WAVE- Women Against Violence Europe 
  • Riekje Kok, “The Global Network of Women’s Shelters in a changing world: Topics and results of the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters in The Hague, November 2015”- Global Network of Women’s Shelter
  • İlknur Üstün, “Overcoming ‘boundaries’ through feminist organization” - Women’s Coalition, Turkey
  • Sandra Moreno Cadena, "Advocating the rights of rural women in Europe: Our bodies, our territories"- La Via Campesina International Peasant’s Movement