A women was exposed rape and violence by 8 people 4 years ago. She is trying legal struggle to prove rape. Women organizations and also Mor Çatı is attending the trials and keep going to distrupt to cover up rape.

There are lots of examples which are about how women are victimized in this case’s process.Although the prosecuting attorney did’t collect evidences and there is a İstanbul Adli Tıp Kurumu’s report which documents the rape, they gave nolle prosequi. But Muğla 2. Assize Court refused this decision.

Conclusion of case is important for being an example. Although trial didn’t accept Mor çatı, Amargi, KAHDEM’s interveners application, Women organizations are still in Fethiye.

The other trial is going to be in Fethiye, again. Against Rape Initiative want women to meet in Fethiye.